Minicase 1 Drum

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Mini Case 1 DRUM

A. Classify the two alternatives in terms of what type of application architecture they use.

The first alternative is based on the client-based architecture were the client performs most of the functions. The second alternative is based on the client-server architecture, were the functions are shared between the client and the server.


B. Outline the pros and cons of the two alternatives and make a recommendation to Fred about which is better.

The pro's for using the client-based architecture is that the cost of development is much lower than client-server and the scalability is much easier then client-based architecture as well. The Cons is that data must travel back and forth between the server and the client. For example if you are doing a Mysql query it would have to transfer the entire database to the client and then run the query to complete the request. Also this will result in poor network performance.

The pro's for using client-server architecture is that it is low cost to build the infrastructure when compared to the client-based architecture. Also the client and the server will split up the functions to speed up performance. Another benefit is the scalability is high in this type of architecture it allows you to grow a lot easier then compared to client-based architecture. The Con's are that it is harder to develop for and the cost of development is very high.


In the terms cost, functionality and scalability I recommend that you go with client-server as apposed to the client-based architecture. Not only will this save money on the server, but it will also save money on development, your programmers would only have to code the application to work with the server as apposed to making multiply applications to work with different operating system in order for everyone of his customers use your software.