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This night is quite special for two reasons: First, it is our rite of passage. We ascend the ramp of progress by learning and by growing together, always reaching for and achieving new heights. Tonight we are very fortunate to be celebrating and commemorating our accomplishments alongside those who have loved and have supported us most. After four years, we are finally ready to receive our diplomas with the knowledge that we have sound Jewish educations, and skills necessary to reach the next of life’s many milestones.

The next significance of tonight is that together, we have successfully completed the rigorous CHAT curriculum. I have searched for another commonality, some other event experienced by us all that set us out on similar paths of education. After much scouring, I found the common thread. It is a pillar, no, the essence of our youth; Sesame Street – the show that first introduced us to friendship, and to counting with one-digit numbers. Therefore, it seems more than fitting that I get back to our roots and introduce today’s letter: The letter P.

This 16th letter of the alphabet begins so many words that accurately reflect our past four years: Politics, principles, parabola, and procrastination. But as we leave the realm of high school and embark on a new and exciting journey, there is another word that is more appropriate: Preparation. We have acquired an extraordinary amount of knowledge and ability from CHAT across many fields thanks to the preparation that is not so unlike the training of athletes for the World Cup. For four years we too have exercised our minds and bodies, often being subjected to extended periods of mental and physical stress, and now we can move forward, confident in our abilities to meet life’s challenges. Unlike World Cup players, we do not compete on a world stage. Though we have much in common with the athletes – while they seek to bring pride to their countries, we too, through our dedication and hard work, have sought to...