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After all the true test of a system is not only in the production and wealth of reporting, but in the simplicity and ease of its operation, in conjunction with asimple and accommodating implementation program.

Local Study:

Mendrez (2007) made a similar study for Vision Designer Inc. It has an identification machine aimed at verifying a person entering through the swiping of identification cards. After entering their given code number, the identification cardsare swiped in the machines card reader to trigger the verification. If access granted, the micro switch will then automatically unlock to allow enter. This will help a lot in monitoring attendances accurately and more precise. A group of computer engineers in Rebisco Biscuits Corporation proposed at thesis report for what is the same Innodata Corps is implementing right now a computerized daily time record as an alternative for Bundy clock. The means of getting inside the company premises is by swiping cards into a machine that reads every record of each employee then monitor and displays the time a particular employee logs in and out.7


In the 2005 annual report of the Forest Products Research and Development Institute under the Department of Science and Technology, it is said that,


“Thecomputerized database and attendance on Forest Products Research andDevelopment Institute was designed to facilitate the Institute's data entry, processing, computation and maintenance of employee time and attendancetransactions. The system allows employees to log in/out as the swipe their Ids through a barcode reader attached to a computer terminal. The processing forms include those for legal holidays, travel order, tardiness, undertime, vacation and sick leave. Pertinent Report forms have been designed for easier access to all these data.”

Foreign Study:

Columbia State Community College (2006) uses computer identificationaccount (Log In Name and Password) for access to the institutions computer usagelogs...