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Chapter 1


Background of the Study

Evelyn’s Bakeshop was established by Mrs. Virginia A. Dumalsin which she passed on to her eldest daughter, Mrs. Evelyn D. Dugay. It was the first of its kind here in Bontoc in the 1960’s. The best seller product is pan de sal which is sold every morning.

The bakeshop had been in operation for over forty (40) years. It was able to maintain its stature in the food production industry. During its initial management, the bakery had longer working hours since work at that time was pure manual since there were no machines to make work faster and easier. The long hours of labor was compensated with the revolving profit of the business. These may be attributed to the bakeshop as being the sole supplier of bakery products, cheaper costs of ingredients and higher demand of sales.

To boost its services, the bakeshop expanded to a canteen under the management of Mrs. Evelyn D. Dugay. The cafeteria provided the venue where people can savor and enjoy freshly baked breads including different kinds of delicious cakes and pastries.

At present, the bakeshop is being supervised by Mrs. Maria Bernadette Dugay-Tangilag. Following the footsteps of her grandmother and mother, the current owner continues to maintain and strengthen the operation of the business.

One of the key factors affecting the operation of any business establishments the integration of technology into its operation. Nowadays, the baking industry trend is towards automation solutions. Automating business processes provides a competitive edge to serve customers faster and better. This covers all the payment transactions, better management of inventory and real time update of bakery product expenses and sales.

The computerization of such processes refers to a Point of Sale (POS).It helps to conduct business transactions with ease as one is required to press a few keys. It liberates one from countless paper works like computation of the day’s sale and...