Healthcare and the Consumer (Centerside Clinic)

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Healthcare Management

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Unit 1 IP

Healthcare and the Consumer

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Understanding the business and community is essential to establishing and maintaining a health clinic, a community-based program. A community assessment produces a picture of key factors to be considered in estimating the demand. This paper will talk about a health care strategic plan that is written for this assignment.

Healthcare and the consumer (Centerside Clinic)

Target populations for Centerside Clinic is older individuals with disabilities, young families with children and single parent homes need a community-based service in greater numbers. To realize the market place and residential district are necessary to set up and maintain a Clinic for a community-based service program. A community assessment or survey produces a list of critical factors to be considered in forecasting the need and potential utilization of a full service Clinic.

The core competencies will provide a full service Clinic with Doctors and office staff to answer phones and see patients five days a week. It will be able to have several different departments, from x-rays, phlebotomy, ect to draw blood; the lab will be able to do different tests like blood test for pregnancy and diabetes. The clinic will be a much needed service for low income families, most have no insurance and payment goes off the income that is coming in every month and will take insurance and cash for services.

The difference with this clinic is the new website, it has a new area, a patient can go, a login name and password will get them in, to find out what their lab was, they can get the pertinent information about their care, or medications that they take. Another great new part of the clinic is a wellness plan, certain days of the week a customer or patient can get a blood pressure check for free or a blood sugar check if they do not...