Cia vs Eo12333

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Did the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) violate the spirit or the intent of Executive Order (EO) 12333 by working with the New York Police Department (NYPD) in secret for years? That's the question bringing us here today. After reading the article in the Huffington Post titled "NYPD CIA Anti-Terror Operations Conducted in Secret for Years" in conjunction with EO 12333, I have found the answer to be yes, they did in fact violate the spirit of the EO. However, as this is a two-part question, the CIA did not violate the letter as they stayed within the confines of 1.7(a)(2) by not conducting any of the activities themselves. They simply assisted the NYPD in their training and let them do what they are not legally allowed to do (spy on Americans in the United States or abroad). The CIA tiptoed around the EO by helping the NYPD to infiltrate the Muslim society in New York City.

David Cohen, a 35-year veteran of the CIA as stated in the article, was hired on shortly after the attack on September 11th occurred as the Intelligence Chief for the NYPD. As a former CIA operative, Cohen knew the confines in which the CIA could and could not operate. He requested help from the CIA in order to train the NYPD in intelligence matters so that the NYPD could have a better intelligence section and so that the department could have an inside source from the CIA for additional intelligence information. The NYPD, not any other police department, is not allowed to receive any intelligence from the CIA or any other agency within the Intelligence Community (IC) as it is a violation of the EO and it is a matter of National Security.

Being a 35-year veteran of the CIA, Cohen should have known that it is not the NYPDs job to conduct intelligence research, collection or analysis in order to foil terrorist plots in the United States. That is what we have a very extensive IC for. Understand that New York underwent a very horrible and terrifying attack but that...