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Course Project – The Negotiation Process of the Versailles Treaty

HR595ON Neg. Skills

Jan 2012

Edward Sporbert – D03225986


World War I and World War II are undoubtedly two of the most tragic and significant events of the modern world. Between the two wars an estimated 85 million people died as a direct result of the wars (Haywood, 1997). To give us some perspective, take into consideration the tsunami caused by the Indian Ocean earthquake in 2004 that caused approximately 228 thousand fatalities. Since the start of the Iraq war in 2003 thee has been an estimated 33 thousand fatalities over the course of 9 years. Those numbers are ominous enough, but compare that to the 50 million lost in WWII over a period of approximately 6 years and 35 million from WWI, you can understand why those involved in negotiating the treaties that ended these wars were anxious to do so as quickly as possible. There are those that say World War II is a direct result of the treaties and difficult negotiations that occurred at the end of World War I.

To understand the dynamic relationships between the Axis and Allies, we must realize the negotiations that ended WWI played a major role in the cause of WWII. The treaty was signed in June of 1918. Although many nations were present during the initial stages of the negotiations, because they were unable to make any progress towards a resolution all could agree upon it was left to the three most influential people representing the Allies. They were David Lloyd George of Britain, Georges Clemanceau of France, and Woodrow Wilson from the U.S. These three men had different views on how to handle the demise of Germany. Lloyd being an elected public official, had to appear to represent the public opinion of his constituents. Therefore he presented himself as one who wanted revenge, and wanted to make Germany pay for what they had done to Britain. However behind public appearances, he made it clear that Germany...