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With the instant noodles market estimated at ~|1500 crore (FY11) the

total consumption is only 1500 million packs (considering | 10/pack)

thereby accounting a mere 1.3 packs/person per annum. With the

segment growing at ~20% p.a. and expected to reach |3200~3500 crore

by 2015 consumption would only reach ~2.7 packs/person per annum.

However, we believe that with the growing rate of penetration of noodles

in the urban and rural India led by the openness of Indian consumers to

instant food, the segment has a greater scope. Hence, with Maggi having

a lion’s share in the segment it would continue to witness robust growth.

Moreover, the other products, ready to cook mix and soups, under

prepared dishes are also witnessing high growth rates of ~64% and

~20%. (Source: IMRB Research).


a survivor, a brand that created and dominated a category throughout its existence. Along the way, it lost a few of its launch flavours like Capsica, and even made a few disastrous missteps like the 'sweet' noodles and the change of flavour in the flagship for a brief period in the mid-90s. But in the near two decades of its existence, Maggi has been the only show in town when it comes to noodles. Even today, it leads the pack with a 90% plus share. The brand has been successfully extended into sauces, soups and pasta.

The big difference between now and even half a decade ago is there is finally a well defined pack for Maggi to lead. Many other marketers want their forks in the noodle bowl including those that fight Maggi's parent company Nestle tooth and nail across several other categories. There are finally signs of a battle raging in the Rs 1,000 crore instant noodle market with aggressive competitors like HUL and GSK.


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