Online Shopping

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1. Introduction

a. What Is Online Shopping?

b. Rise of Online Shopping In India

c. The Development Of Internet Shopping

d. Types Of Online Shopping Sites Availabale

2. Listing The Promotional Strategies Used By Sites

3. Consumers Attitude

e. Consumer Choice In Online Shopping

4. New On Online Shopping Sites

f. Changes: Looking To The Future

Rise of Online Shopping In India

E-commerce is seeing a steep rise according to Assocham (Associated Chambers ofCommerce & Industry of India). Two metros (Delhi and Mumbai) are driving thisgrowth with each contributing 24% and 20% of the E-sales log on sharerespectively!

A major reason why metros are contributing to e-shopping growth isthe literacy rates and the cities’ internet savvy population. In cities like Delhisafety could also be a major cause!

It’s very surprising that Bangalore being theIT Hub of the country contributes a very meagre 6%. They have also predicted thate-commerce will cross 9000 crores by March 2008.

There are many online shopping portals like

where consumer durables are sold but they have no optionto shop for groceries online!Catering to this very need is a new startup online portal on the rise

which is a product of JustOnDemand Technologies Pvt. Ltd, afirm based in Bangalore and claims to be the first Online Shopping Portal in Indiathat allows customers to shop for groceries online. Speaking of groceries, it hasgot over 3000 products in this segment alone!

That’s like WOW! Interestingly, italso offers 24 hrs delivery for all products, bettering the delivery servicesprovided by other Online shopping portals. It provides customers with the optionof swiping their credit/debit cards at the time of delivery!

Storrzrepresentatives carry a mobile enabled point of sale device to the customer's doorstep to make this happen. This seems to be a...