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International Branding

Aoran Kan H10000932

International branding is process that a company occupies the world market during its global production and operation. In a series of global marketing activities, company establishes its own brand positioning image and introduces it to the people all around the world. In order to achieve the goal of globalization, company not only depends on native resource and market but also has to rely on resource and markets of other countries. That means company will invest and product in foreign countries and design different marketing plans in different places. Owing to development in economy and globalization, many companies harvest career successes and become competitive. Under this premise, they start their own road to international branding.

Natheless, in order to create a brand on global scale, the difficulties are enormous. Each local competitor is highly sensitive to foreign intruders. In addition, between different countries, there will be very different in language, faith, life style and consumption habits. And these increase the trouble of international branding. When you introduce your brand to another country but you do not consider the local consumer behavior characteristics, it may cause a negative impact. Therefore, international branding must combined with specific local conditions and this process is intituled the implementation of the localization.

Besides the implementation of the localization, company who uses international branding to create competitive advantages for itself seeking more market shares in world is also supposed to possess some other essential. For instance, company has to focus on its target market. That is to say a company needs to pay different attention to different markets. In the mean time, before company enters a foreign market, the market investigation and study is necessary and this is prior to deployment. Some companies do a job in international branding and achieve a huge...