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Mission Statement & Strategy Guide

Mission Statement and Strategy Guide

The following page was sourced from Capsim and is intended to provide you with a template that will be useful when constructing your team’s mission statement and strategy. You should also consider the information provided to you during the “Ideas for Simulation Strategies” presentation and the Class Activities in Modules 02 and 03.

Within the ‘Program Calendar’ a couple of team meetings have been set aside for you to define and agree your Team mission and strategy statement. This planning will provide a focus for your decision-making. While you need to respond to industry developments as the simulation progresses, your team needs a focus otherwise you could end up reacting to competitor manoeuvres and not making proactive decisions. Nevertheless, it is expected that you may need to adjust your initial strategies as you attempt to realise your team’s overall mission within the competitive environment.

Consider allocating working parties to suggest initial Marketing, Production and Financial strategies. Then meet as a team to consider these suggestions and to workout how to combine these strategies into a cohesive and achievable mission and strategy statement.

In the last week, your team will be preparing a company presentation that will include commentary about the successful strategies and the attainment of your mission.

Your mission statement and strategy should be a word document. Start with a line or two maximum about the company’s vision and / or mission (overall goals, can be ethical as well – see the class activities for Modules 02 and 03). Then set out your strategy, (clear practical goals eg make the most profit, or, have the biggest market share, or, be the niche leader in ‘x’ segment and so on), and strategy (use the template on the next page to set out how your company is going to achieve its mission in each of the operational areas of the business). The strategy...