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1. The Global Forces Contributing to the growth of Cruise-line Industry are:

* Lower impact of recession on global cruise line industry as compared to other industries such as tourism.

* Operating globally will lead to lower tax advantages by registering the company as separate legal entities in various countries.

* Favorable government policies worldwide by subsidization of ship building lead to less expensive ships available.

* Operating globally will lead to less stringent employment rules by registering the company as separate legal entities in different countries.

Cruise operates out of jurisdiction of any nation and therefore is not bound by any national laws which restrict gambling and therefore, online casinos can be run on ships.

2. Specific steps taken by Carnival Cruise Line to benefit from global social changes are:

* Carnival secures bids for acquiring ships from all over the world.

* Expanding mass market sea travel by promoting the idea of "Fun-ship vacation".

Providing best bargain for the consumers through package deals.

* Geographically important themes on Cruise lines such as Costa boast a Mediterranean flavor.

* Registering as different national entities in different nations taking advantage of global changes.

* Employing people having right kind of skill sets. Many people hired from Philippines because of their fluency in English Language.

* Tie-ups with various tours and travel to offer cruise packages at lower costs.

3. Additional steps that company might take to benefit from global social changes in future

* Technologically enabled ships with advanced information systems to serve all the requirements of the consumers on board.

* With the economies having free trades across nations and economic unions of different nations, the company can take advantage of the global service exchanges.

* Company can address health issues through appointment of qualified doctors to treat the...