Security Assessment for Aircraft Solutions

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Security Assessment for Aircraft Solutions

Daniel A. Spencer

Submitted to: Professor John Michalek

SE571 Principles of Information Security and Privacy

Keller Graduate School of Management

Submitted: August 26, 2012

Table of Contents

Executive Summary 3

Company Overview 3

Security Vulnerabilities 4

Hardware Vulnerability – Absence of a Firewall 4

Policy Vulnerability – Lack of Timely Updates 5

Recommended Solutions 6 A Hardware Solution 6

Impact on Business Processes 9

A Policy Solution 9

Impact on Business Processes 10

Summary 10

References 12

Executive Summary

This report will seek to evaluate and address security weaknesses with the Aircraft Solutions company. As security weaknesses are pointed out relating to hardware and policy weaknesses, recommendations will be made to Aircraft Solutions to be examined and hopefully implemented to improve IT security operations.

Aircraft Solutions, located in Southern California, recognized leader in the design and fabrication of component products and services for companies in the electronics, commercial, defense, and aerospace industry.

In reviewing Aircraft Solutions and its operations, uncovered were security vulnerabilities. Two vulnerabilities that were evident were issues with a lack of firewalls and the current security policy in place that is reviewed only every two years. Recommendations have been made that made help to remedy these vulnerabilities through the use of virtualization and by changing the security policy to be evaluated semi-annually instead of every two years.

Company Overview

The following organization, Aircraft Solutions (AS) has been chosen to have an assessment done relating to potential security weaknesses. Aircraft Solutions is viewed in high regard as a respected company in the design and component fabrications of products and services. They provide a wide-range of...