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Republic of the Philippines


Tacloban City

College of Engineering



School Year 2012-2013

(Note: The IT Department advisers and the Languages and Literature Department Consultant Faculty Members Collaborated in the preparation of this condensed instruction manual for the exclusive use of the EVSU IT students only)

I. Documentation Guidelines

A. Format and Style

1. Paper Size

8.5” x 11” standard short white bond paper

2. Hardbound Book Cover

3. Cover color motif and letter print

4. Margins

Left: 1.5”

Right, Top and Bottom: 1.0”

5. Font Style, Body Text and Headings

Chapter Headings: Font style-Arial, Font size-14

Not All Caps and Highlighted or Bold

Sub-Headings: Font style-Arial, Font size-14

All Caps and Highlighted or Bold

Body Text: Font Style-Times New Roman, Font size-12”

6. Pagination

Pagination should be chronological and at the top right of the page. First page of each chapter should have no page number.

7. Text (sentence) spaces

Double space

8. Maximum number of sentences per paragraph

At least 4 but not more than 5 sentences

9. Indentations

Single tab only

10. Main Title Headings

Uppercase and bold print (e.g. METHODOLOGY)

11. Chapter Headings

Capital letter first and in bold print (e.g. Chapter 1)...