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In the given scenario, Executive A was described as a driven, ambitious, and solely focused on the success of the company. When Executive A took over as CEO the company was losing millions of dollars a year and the stock was plummeting, but while Executive A was working for the corporation he managed to raise the stocks 128% and had a profit during the second quarter. But when the media tried to praise Executive A, he would shy away from them, and push all the attention and credit to the other leaders within the organization. But if the company had any problems, he would take all the responsibility for every error and mistake. Executive A is a prime example of a “level 5” leader. A level 5 leader is humble, and very modest, but has a strong determination and professional will.

Executive A has decided to retire in the next two years, so the company is now looking into replacing him. There are two leaders they are looking into, Leader B and Leader C. Leader B can be described as a Transactional Leader. A transactional leader is someone who motivates their employees to the company goals. Leader B believes in clear chain of command and rewarding good performance. But when things go wrong Leader B believes the employees to be personally at fault and will punish the employees for their failure. While the other candidate, Leader C can be called a transformational leader. A transformational leader is someone who with motivation supplies their employees with everything they need for success, and encourage the employees to go beyond what they need to meet goals. Leader C can be identified as a transformational leader because he guides his employees to the company goals by telling them what their roles in the company are. He also believes in letting the employees know when they are doing a good job and rewarding them for good performance. Leader C tries to remember the employee’s birthdays. He would also rather be seen as a mentor or coach than their manager.

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