Structured Learning Exercises

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Structured Learning Exercises

Listening Exercise

Jessica Pierre

Syracuse University

Transformational Management


Listening Exercise


Communication is a topic that has continued to be a challenge within relationships, groups, and organizations. Individuals’ understanding essentially what effective communication is has continued to be a learning process practiced over time. When most people think of communication they define it as someone talking and someone listening, but these two elements can be viewed further in depth to understand what effective communication involves. Communication is a process in which thoughts and ideas are transferred from one person to another. The skills of knowing how to communicate the thoughts that are being processed in your mind, and what can be influencing your ability to send and receive messages. As the sender, your role will be to be the source of the conversation; and requires knowing what you want to communicate, clearly communicating the message, knowing why you are delivering this message, and knowing your expectations after the delivery. As the receiver, your role will consist of listening to message, through your own individual thought process of opinions. In trying to deliver your message there may be barriers such as culture differences, differences in experiences. Identifying, and recognizing those barriers may allow those barriers to be removed in order to communicate your messages. A dialogue consist of more than one more person, who will also be seeking to communicate through those barriers and deliver a message, which you will have to clearly comprehend.


The group I decided to facilitate the exercise with was the Youth Group Committee of my church. The youth group consists of roughly 25 members, which the committee is responsible for making decisions on the activities they will host/participate in. The reason why I chose this group stems...