Project Plans

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Project Plan

BADM 318-01

Beecher Rusin

Chencui Li

Jinghong Xie

Mark Nemish

Ray Khan

Romain Cuny

Table of Contents

Executive Summary 3

Organization Chart 4

Communication Plan 4

Scope Statement 5

Terms of Reference 6

Work Breakdown Schedule 8

Gantt Chart 11

Key staff and Responsibilities 11

Risk Severity Matrix 12

Risk Assessment 13

Contingency Fund 14

Estimated Costs and Approved Budget 14

Executive Summary

The purpose of this project is to provide our client, Ms. Cindy Klassen, with a project plan for the opening of her new restaurant location. Ms. Klassen currently operates a 40 seat breakfast and lunch restaurant in West Vancouver. Ms. Klassen has expressed to our project management team that she would like to expand her client base by opening a second location in North Vancouver. Through market expansion Ms. Klassen hopes to develop a secondary revenue source that is will generate consistent profit margins.

Our project management team has utilized various project management tools to provide our client with the essential processes to ensure that this project is a success. Some of the project management tools that were used in this project plan include: Organizational Chart, Communication Plan, Work Breakdown Structure, Gantt Chart, Risk Matrix and many more . Each tool provided our client with a clearer understanding of the project constraints which consist of scope, schedule, quality, resources, risk and budget. In developing a project plan for a new restaurant location it was vital to our team and client to constantly control and monitor that these constraints were always in line with our project objectives.

Organization Chart

Communication Plan

Stakeholder | Impact | Method | Requirement |

Owner | Very High | Telephone, Electronic, Face-to-Face | Manage Closely |

Project Manager | Very High | Face-to-Face | Manage Closely |

Accountant | High | Telephone, Electronic | Keep Satisfied |

Contractor |...