The Evolution of Public Administration in the United States

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Running Head: The Evolution of Public Administration in United States

The Evolution of Public Administration in United States

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Table of Contents

Introduction 4

Industrial revolution (C18th) 5

Max Weber - bureaucratic organizations 6

Pendleton Act in 1883 7

Woodrow Wilson 1880s – “service of citizens” 8

Tie between Woodrow Wilson and Appleby 10

Henri Fayol - 14 principles of management 11

Mary Parker Follett 12

Frederick Taylor’s Scientific Management Theory 14

Hawthorne Studies of 1932 15

Chester Barnard 1940 16

1940`s Group dynamics – Lewin and Bion 18

Organizational Management Theory - “father of organizational development” Lewin 19

Socio-technical Systems Theory of 1949 20

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs - 1954 21

Drucker - “Leadership/Management” 22

Frederick Herzberg - “Hygiene and Motivational Factors” 22

Theory X and Theory Y by McGregor 23

Management Grid by Blake and Mouton - 1964 25

Mintzberg - 1970 25

Performance Technology in 1978 and Gilbert 27

Learning Organziation - Peter Senge 1990 29

Ethics in 1995 - the fire at Malden Mills 30

New Public Management 31

Conclusion 32

References: 35


Public administration refers to two distinguishable but intimately related activities: (1) a professional practice (profession, occupation, field of activity), and (2) an academic field which seeks to understand, extend, criticize, and improve that professional practice as well as to train individuals for that practice. The simple meaning of the term is quite direct: it refers on the one hand to the administration or management of matters which have mainly to do with the society, polity, and its subparts which are not fundamentally private, familial, commercial, or characteristic, and on the other hand to the well-organized study of such matters. In this simplest meaning, public administration has to do with supervision the realm of governmental and other public...