Polarity Management

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1. Polarities and polarity management - Explanation of polarity management using at least

Polarity Management is by definition a "problem" or an issue that requires a solution. The goal of a problem is to find a fix to the current situation and move forward to a new reality without being required to ever look back.   However, a "polarity" is an issue that needs to be addressed, but the "solution" is not one that can survive independently and will actually still require support from the original issue.   Polarity Management can be a very powerful tool when used at the right place and time. The task is knowing when and where to use it. Polarity Management does not imply there are no problems to be solved because there are. PM is mostly used when the difficulty is ongoing and the two poles are interdependent. If you have an employee who is stealing from the company, do fire or have this employee arrested, the problem would be solved and would no longer be ongoing.

If your company is failing to maximize the synergy of your workgroups but individuals aren't receiving the recognition they feel they deserve, then you have a polarity problem that needs to be managed.   Many companies now believe the solution to a majority of their work-based problems is a shift to a more team oriented workplace. Teams are being credited for their ability to: create a synergistic effect, provide a common direction, provide mutual support, appreciate every individual's job, and create a cohesive unit. If this is true for teams, than they must shift to a team oriented workplace must be the answer. The "problem" is solved. Teams are not the answer for everything, because when they focus on the individual you get: individual creativity and initiative, an entrepreneurial spirit, fewer meetings and individual freedom. If focusing on the individual is the right thing to do, then there is a perceived problem.   This is because with an individual focus you get: people who feel...

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