Land's End Case Study

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Land’s End is a primary international direct merchant for casual clothing and swimwear for men, women and kids, plus luggage, products for the home and seasonal gifts. The company offers its products through catalogs, regular mailing, outlet malls, department stores, and a home website, Land’s End’s main goal is to please customers with the highest level of quality and service in the industry.

In order for customers to feel that they are satisfied about their online purchase experience, there are three things that an online merchant company must consider: customers’ interactions with the website, delivery of the product and how prepared retailers are to address problems when they occur. Land’s did a splendid job on presenting their website to customers under the three points that were mentioned above. This paper will further explain information on how Land’s met their goal by using the three points that were mentioned above to satisfy their customers’ online purchase experience.

A retailer’s website is the primary contact point in an online transaction, where customers can discover a great deal of information about the company and emphasis on customer satisfaction. If a website is too hard to use and visually distracting, customers will often switch to another retailer that makes the shopping experience easier. There are five attributes that can influence how customers evaluate the quality of their website interaction and they are as follow: the first attribute is easy to use, if a website does not have an easy-to-use search engines that allow customers to find products quickly; then the website is considered a difficult website that customers cannot interact with the website easily. Land’s has a wide variety of products spanning numerous product lines. If customers are not given a way to quickly narrow choices down, they will turn to other online retailers. Land’s allows online customers to search for products...