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1. Comment on Sam’s approach to training. Would you want him working for your company? What are the benefits of his training to employees and the organization?

Sam’s approach to training was different, he implemented training programs that were not well designed and he doesn’t evaluate his training program which is an important aspect to consider in training but Sam ignored also an important step in the process such as conducting a thorough needs analysis. His approach is traditional, he training is not planned and focused unlike having a systematic approach (Instructional Systems Design Model of Training and Development) to training that includes taking the time to analyze what results the organization needs from its employees, if employees are accomplishing those results, and what training and development approaches are needed by employees to better accomplish those results. A systematic approach includes evaluating approaches before, during and after training to ensure employees truly benefited from the training in terms of enhanced results to the organization’s goals and objectives.

No, I wouldn’t want Sam to work for me to an extent because he focuses on only the delivery of the training program rather than focus on the performance improvement .His training is not aligned with the objectives of the organization, he delivers his training in such a manner that the trainees do not lose interest by wisecracking and telling slightly off colour stories thereby loosing the main aim or focus of the training. Although it should be balanced so that the trainees are not bored of the training courses but Sam was one-sided.

The benefits of the training to the employees;

* The trained employees acquired new knowledge and skills to enable them perform their jobs better.

* The trained employees also developed greater confidence in their ability to perform their job both efficiently and effectively.

* The trained employees were more committed to the...