Effective Communication

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In any organization communication is very crucial, and the key to having an efficient running, successful organization. People are always looking for ways to communicate, and they are always changing based on the times, environment, or how you want to get your point across. There are five steps to effective communication; transmitting an idea, sending the idea through a medium, receiving the message, understanding the message, and providing feedback to the sender. If at any time during this five step process failure occurs, whether by sender or receiver, then the communication is broken down and will not be accurate and understood. It is important to have effective communication so everything is understood so things can run smoothly and effectively.

Communication is separated into to ways; verbal communication which is spoken or unspoken words and listening and understanding the words, and there is non-verbal communication which is the use of body language, facial expressions and so forth to communicate and get your point across. Misinterpretation is the most common error when trying to communicate. This happens when the sender or the receiver misunderstands the intended message sent or received. By having and maintaining effective communication, the organization’s staff will have knowledge and understanding which will keep a positive attitude that will in turn have a greater work flow and output.

Effective communication in a health care organization will provide knowledge which will in turn cause the organization to succeed and grow. Communication is not only important for the organization’s staff but also it patients, who depend on the staff and their ability to provide effective communication so that they may receive the quality health care they need and deserve. If there is a break down in communication, then there can be clinical staff errors and this can put a patient and their health at risk.

When one is working in a health care...