Aeci Level 4 Handbook

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AECI Level 4 Handbook

by Jeff Moy ©

“...the unexamined life is not worth living.”

Plato, The Apology

Table of Contents

Page Number

Seven Principles of Good Writing 3

Basic Writing Definitions 4

The Writing Process and Peer Review 5

Review of the Paragraph 6

Introduction to the Essay / The Five-Paragraph Theme 7-9

Simple Introductions 10

Creative Introductions 11

Transitional Sentences 12

Pronoun Usage 13

Some Purposes for writing and communicating in English 14

Modes or Flexible Patterns of Development 15-22

A Sentence 23-24

Logical Connectors / Transitions and Conjunctions 25-26

Parallelism 27-28

Repetition 29

Where's my Pencil? 30-31

In-class Essay Questions: Weapons in the Classroom 32

In-class Essay Question: Talking on a Cell Phone while Driving a Car 33

Are you Hard-headed? 34

Advice for Writing an In-class Essay 35

The Debate Handout 36

Censoring The Internet 37

Doctor-assisted Suicide 38

Capital Punishment 39

Public Speaking 40

Putting Together an Effective Speech Presentation 41-43

Speech Evaluation Form 44

Sample Speech Outline 45-46

The Research Paper 47-49

Stress in English 50

English Rhythm 51-53

Essential Quotes 54-61

US History 62-64

Money 65-67

Some Simple Aphorisms or Pithy Little Sayings 68

Ground Rules 69

Seven Principles of Good Writing

1. Appropriateness

A. The language is appropriate. Normally, the essay should be written in formal, standard English that is used in college.

B. The audience of the essay is appropriate. Usually, the audience is educated people (college students and teachers).

C. The purpose of the essay is appropriate. Recently, the prompts for the test have required the purpose to be to "prove" something which requires writing a persuasive essay. However, a prompt could...