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Computer serve as an important role in our society , most specially in school premises. Most school now uses computer because they want their work make faster and easier. And also because of increasing student every year.

The purpose of this study is to fulfill a better system that will serve as more reliable tool in registering and enrolling student in a school. This study is to show the advantages and disadvantages that arise in the computerized enrollment system. The study is to show the innovation of registration and enrollment system from traditional to high end technology . the study also serve the purpose of revealing the mechanics of the said system. They may register and enroll through filling up the available computerized forms. This is also store the data of student such as the student information.

Enrollment system is useful specially when the school retrieves the important information form the student. The school can trace what are the standing of the student.


This research project would not have been possible without the support of many people. We

would like to extend our deepest appreciation and gratitude to the ff.

First to be is almighty God for his never ending guidance and blessing to make this study.

And to Navotas National High School (NNHS) by allowing to use their Enrollment System .

Special thanks to all our classmates, specially to our group members for sharing the ideas and

invaluable assistance .We are heartily thankful to our instructor, Mr. Allan John Delica whose

encouragement, guidance and support from initial to the final level enabled us to develop and

understanding of the subject.

Special thanks also to our parents for giving as our financial support. And lastly we offer our

regards and blessing to all those who supported us in any aspect during the completion of this