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Doing Something Monday, September 10, 2012

1. Foreshadowing (suggestions on what may happen next): p. 33 “ …because when I look toward where I’m heading with the boat, I see the beach full of wanna-be-stars, the camera guys, the two dudes with sunglasses all looming up in front of me.” This piece of evidence from the book give us clues about what may occur later on. We can infer that the camera guys were looming in front of Kenny and Cynthia because of their water skiing. This was foreshadowing that everyone was amazed and also gives us a hint that this scene may be used in the commercial later on in the story.

2. Simile (comparisons using the words like or as): p. 26 “…the lake is calm as glass.” OR p. 29 “The back of it feels like butterfly wings.”

3. Metaphor (comparisons not using the words like or as): p. 26 “If it was music…it’d be a great ballad with slow clean guitar riffs.”

4. Figurative Language (imaginative use of words which includes a simile, metaphor, or personification): p. 29 personification “Well if I wasn’t already a bowl of jelly, I’m right now a pool of goo.”

5. Hyperbole (exaggeration): p. 29 “This is my brother Kenny. He’s always falling.” OR “….my feet are freeze-dried.”

6. Imagery (representations that access to 5 senses): p. 31 Visual imagery “If I had an expression on my face, it’s probably one with lots of teeth, a broken smile I’m trying to fix.” AND p. 28 auditory imagery “I banged my head against the counter and I can feel the egg growing.”

Short Answers

1. p.26 “ my bud Snake, and my other bud Jodie…” This line helps us to infer that Kenny is perhaps in his early teens, because of the terms he used to call his friends which were bud.

p. 26 “She and all her other 16-year-old friends have all gone gaga over these two dudes.” This lines helps us to infer that Kenny is often hyperbole when he talks.

p. 28 “I’m woozy as heck.” This statement proves that Kenny is a...