Here Comes the Sun

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Annotated Bibliography

Burns, E. (2012, May) , GM Using Solar Energy to Manufacture Electric Cars. Retrieved April 18, 2012, from

General Motors (GM) auto manufacturer has teamed up with DTE Energy to equip its Detroit Hamtramck assembly plant with a 516-kilowatt solar panel power grid to deliver enough electricity to charge 150 electric cars every day. This plant was chosen because it produces the Chevy Volt. The intent is to harvest the solar power in the production of the electric Chevy Volt. GM provided 264,000 square feet for the installation of the solar panels. There is also a cost savings for the assembly plant, GM stated, “This array will significantly decrease energy consumption by combining solar power with ongoing efficiency tactics such as lighting and equipment upgrades and automating equipment shut-down,” said Bob Ferguson, vice president of GM Public Policy. (“GM Using Solar Energy to Manufacture Electric Cars,” 2012). GM concluded that the solar panels are a win for the environment and financially for the company with expected savings of $15,000 annually.

Here Comes the Sun: Ford and SunPower Team up to Let Focus Electric Customers ‘Drive

Green for Life’ (2011). Retrieved April 7, 2012, from

Released by Ford media, Ford motor company has partnered with SunPower Corporation to provide Ford Focus electric car owners a choice of a renewable energy source to provide the power consumption their vehicles need. Ford states, “Focus Electric owners can reduce their total cost of ownership by generating enough energy from their high efficiency SunPower rooftop solar system to offset the electricity required to charge the vehicle at night” ("Here Comes the Sun," 2011). This renewable power source is comprised of very high efficiency solar panels, offering customers a smaller footprint...