Mis Mini Case Week 2

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Kenneth McTyer


MIS 589 Networking Concepts and Applications

Professor Joseph Thomas

September 18, 2012

MINI CASE, Smith, Smith, Smith and Smith.

The Smith, Smith and Smiths Company could have potential problems that I see right off the bat.

A poorly designed network can cripple a company and result in production and cause them a lot

of money. I would research different options before any construction plan is put together. By

coming up with the construction before the building is built that will foster a solid infrastructure

and promote a solid Local Area Network. As the company considers the building structure the

path of the network cables, perhaps CAT 6 and wireless backbones should be considered in

relation to the electron emitting sources to reduce errors on the network, to help things such as

line noise, or white noise. One of the biggest sources of errors is noise, which is what we

covered in this chapter. There are different categories but most can be limited depending what

protective measures you put in place. There are many techniques to prevent errors or at least

reduce them, depending on the situation. You can reduce different types of noise by shielding,

which is protecting wires by covering them with an insulating coating.

Another thing that I would recommend is moving cables away from sources of noise like power

sources. By avoiding lights and heavy machinery, you will reduce your chances of different

types of noise. I would suggest a backbone network using a star topology, a star topology will

work best because of the fact that here is going to be eight connections with two on each...