Michael Novak’s View on Capitalism and the Corporation

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Cover page + Michael Novak on Capitalism and Corporation

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Michael Novak’s view on Capitalism and the Corporation

Tiffany Thompson

Northcentral University

Michael Novak’s view on Capitalism and the Corporation


The corporation has existed for several centuries. Surviving in the corporate world generated from the first generation of farmers and fishermen, owners of land, churchman, etc. (Jennings, 2012, pp. 105). Michael Novak viewed the corporation as a calling (Murphy, 2008) that generated from the business men who have ethical standards on what they were introducing to society. These ethical standards can be of good or evil. The society has great impact over big corporations. Society can make or break a business depending on the products introduced and how successful it can climb in the market (Jennings, 2012, pp. 106). Many businesses grow based on their ethical views and how the market will accept the new product that they are introducing. Yet, some corporations sneak through the cracks and take advantage of the market and create nonexistent products. The problem to be investigated is that capitalism is what makes the corporation succeed in today’s market.

Britain and Europe vs. the United States

Novak viewed the corporations as a business that is accomplished by creating goods and service, which...