Interclean Generic Benchmarking

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InterClean faced a situation where money and the products were not the issue but rather the issue of environmental safety. Are the products safe for the environment? InterClean has to find a way that their solutions and services will streamline their cleaning efforts in the wake of more stringent requirements for environmental safety (InterClean Scenario). David is willing to take the necessary risks to continue to grow the family business and to expand into new markets.

David sees the need to take the organization to another level by expanding domestically and worldwide. David’s goal for InterClean is to provide a full spectrum of cleaning services and solutions that will become their major avenue for sales (InterClean Scenario). Team B has researched organizations with issues similar to those of InterClean and will explain how to overcome those issues. InterClean’s issues are strategic planning, training and development, organizational fit, skills inventory, develop customized packages and solutions, create good customer service, potential growth, and strategic advantage.

Issues and Opportunity Identification

David has a strong executive team to help him to accomplish the new vision of InterClean and EnviroTech’s merger. InterClean acquired EnviroTech because of it being one of the major domestic competitors in the corporate market and the service expertise that comes with EnviroTech dovetails perfectly with our new strategic direction (InterClean Scenario). With EnviroTech’s expertise and InterClean’s resources, David fully expect to reach their sales goals for the next year, which should increase profitability by 40 % (InterClean Scenario).

Strategic Planning

InterClean will need to evaluate their strategic plan to ensure that they are maintaining and updating their corporate goals in alignment to the plan outline. With the merger with EnviroTech, special consideration will need to be given to the goals outlined within the strategic plan to...