Can We Talk

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Karen Lyons

Instructor Kara Brunson

Can We Talk

September 24, 2012

Can we talk? In our reading for this week, researcher’s converse on the subject of the part communication plays in marriages. I can’t connect with Nara Schoenberg conception of self-disclosure in relationships.  My fiancé and I have been together for almost eight years now.   I believe we have a wonderful relationship. We always take one day of the week for ourselves.   It doesn’t matter if it’s for diner and a movie, or going shopping together, we spend time together. We talk a lot about our relationship and where we want it to go.

I found most of the things to be true but not entirely, in reading the article. Schoenberg states men need more affective affirmation more than women do. (Schoenberg, 2011) It seems to me that men would rather not show affections in public but more in private. Affection begins when a man and a woman are children. As little girls, women are always shown affection. As they mature into young ladies they give that affection back in return. I remember playing with my dolls as a little girl and pretending to give them the same love and affection my parents were giving me. Boys are taught to be tough. They are taught to play with trucks and don’t get into trouble for playing in the dirt.

The article also points out many note worthy facts about communication in a relationship. It is extremely easy for a relationship to go from hot to cold when children are involved. Most of the homemaker’s time is spent with the children and taking care of the household duties, leaving very little time for their spouse. This can cause a major problem in the relationship between the two. If you have children, and they are taking up most of your time, you should make an honest effort to set aside time for you and your spouse. Even if the time that is set aside is just to enjoy each other’s conversation.   

The more couples communicate with each other the better their relationships...