Negative Counseling

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Negative Counseling Essay Pvt. Brown,

If I got kicked out of the army I would have to go home and face my dad and tell him I failed and it would probably destroy him. Anyways besides that I would start looking for a job. Don’t honestly know what kind of job because its hard to find a job because its hard to find a job after you get kicked out of any military branch. It would have to be a job that doesn’t really do any background checks. So chances are it would be labor or for little pay but that’s America for you. I joined the army for a job in the first place im from a small place not many jobs to begin with.

Once I get some kind of income I would settle my problems I am going through family wise and try to move on with my life. Once everything was okay and I was divorced and had no baggage left I would probably move to another state and completely start over. New life everything.

Realistically everything about the army has been hard but they say everything that’s worth it is not easy. I hope that I will be able to get a job however I will not live in my state just because my family will not accept me anymore. My drinking has influenced almost all everyone of my problems.

Most of my money that I make will go to school another thing I will lose getting kicked out of the army but you definitely need school to do anything these days. So school would be something I would have to be serious about.

If I get kicked out I am not going to be the same person I was it will be so much time I have spent wasted because of stupid decisions that will affect me for the rest of my life. When I joined the army I didn’t know honestly if I was ready. But I made it when everyone back home thought I wouldn’t and I couldn’t do it. Its hard to write this because if or when it happens my future won’t be very bright.

There are soldiers getting put out of the army because of downsizing and some of those soldiers have fought for what they have...