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Willie Blackmon

Kaplan University

September 8, 2012


We will be discuss the article “7 steps before strategy” and go into detail about Step 1, ‘Get rid of what’s unnecessary’ and discuss so steps that we can apply and talk about some activities HR professionals should avoid. Then in the next article “Human Management: Developing a Strategy” we will discuss the two critical actions in developing a strategy and then we will explain the four dimensions that were talked about in the article.

Article “7 steps Before Strategy”:

Discuss the specifics to Step 1, ‘Get rid of what’s unnecessary.’

When getting rid of what is unnecessary in HR your talking about getting rid of programs and practices that are not adding value to the organization bottom line. (Kerns, 2010) that would be like HR implementing a guide line for hiring people that is different from the way their other company’s hire. That would be like hiring people who can hit the ground running but in about three months you would see them falling off in work performance and absentee rate would go up. With that any organization or business would be looking at way to get rid of the problem.

What are some examples from your own experience where this step might have applied?

An example would be like we had a “21 point systems” implemented for absentee. When our company was sold to another company they knew right of that would be something they would want HR to look into of getting rid of because it was not adding valve to the company it was costing the company money because if you are not there to work and you have to move some one up to a position the company was not paying to do the job then the company is losing.

What types of activities should HR professionals avoid in order to direct their focus to the HR strategy process?

HR function must be align with the companies operation and that they are effectively dealing with the compliance issues of the workplace,” including employment...