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Social Web 1

The Social Web

Marqus L. Harris

INF 103

Thomas Hennefer

September 12, 2012

Social Web 2

The social web first design was for the intention of just having a fun and sociable way to interact with family, friends, and co-workers online. Over the past few years, it has grown into the number one way of social interaction. My paper will go over the past history of the social web, also the most present popular sites, including Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Friendster, and YouTube. I will show the pros and cons of social networking with facts and information I obtained through research. The term “social web” does not only belong to digital technology on the web. “On the contrary, social networks have been studied since the beginning of 20th century with the aim of comprehending how the members of a certain community interact and the mechanisms through which this interaction takes place” (Postigo, 2011). As of today, social networking mainly refers to all the activities that are carried out within specific services online that offers free space and software tools, which allow online users to create networks of people.

In most times, a social networking service is a website that gives individuals the chance to construct a semi-public or public profile. The profile is often made by filling out a template with a user’s personal data. This data is not just for the users’ vital statistics, but it includes also the users’ hobbies, interests, passions, professional background and much more. While giving out this type of information may seem like your privacy is being invaded, sites’ users are very eager to still get involved. “Presently, Americans spend approximately one seventh of their time online and 75% of that time is spent on a social website” (Townsend, 2012).

Social Web 3

The social web is part of the second generation of internet experiences. “Also known as Web 2.0, it is the...