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Grievance – a work-related discontentment or dissatisfaction which had been expressed verbally or in writing and which, in the aggrieved employee’s opinion, has been ignored or dropped without due consideration

The agency recognizes the right of employees to present to management their grievances. For this purpose and in compliance with Section 35 of Presidential Decree No. 807, and pursuant to the provisions of CSC Memorandum Circular No. 02, series of 2001, the agency created the NAMRIA Grievance Machinery* (CSC-approved in 2001), which is the following:

A system or method of determining and finding the best way to address the specific cause or causes or a grievance

Applies to all levels of officials and employees of NAMRIA and to non-career employees whenever applicable

Basic Policies of the NAMRIA Grievance Machinery*

 A grievance shall be resolved expeditiously at all times at the lowest possible level in NAMRIA. However, if not settled at the lowest level possible, an aggrieved party shall present his or her grievance step by step following the hierarchy of positions.

 The aggrieved party shall be assured of freedom from coercion, discrimination, reprisal, and biased action on the grievance.

* Legal rules and technicalities shall not bind grievance proceedings. Even verbal grievance must be acted upon expeditiously. The services of a legal counsel shall not be allowed.

Coverage Areas

 Non-implementation of policies, practices and procedures on economic and financial issues and other terms and conditions of employment fixed by law, including salaries, incentives, working hours, leave benefits such as delay in the processing of overtime pay, unreasonable withholding of salaries and inaction on application for leave

 Non-implementation of policies, practices, and procedures affecting employees (e.g., from recruitment to promotion, detail, transfer, retirement, termination, layoffs, and other related issues)

 Inadequate...