Managing Health and Safety at Work M3.23

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Review of health and safety roles and responsibilities


Carry out a review of your role and responsibilities in relation to health and safety, welfare and environment protection at work.



Two pieces of legislation relating to health and safety are:



• The health and safety at work act 1974


This act provides a framework for ensuring the health and safety for all employees in any work activity.  The act also provides safety for any visitors to the health club e.g. Members, contractors, guests.




Which stands for the reporting of injuries, diseases and dangerous occurrences regulations.  These regulations ensure certain work-related accidents are reportable by law to the health and safety executive or the local authority.  Below is a list of what must be reported:

 Death of any person

 A major injury

 An accident which results in a person at work being incapacitated  for more than three consecutive days

 Specified dangerous occurrences e.g. building collapse

 Specified work-related diseases e.g. hepatitis




At our health club the procedure if an accident occurs is, first to call the nearest first aider, who would then provide aid should the injured person need it or depending on the seriousness of the injury another member of staff would call for an ambulance.  The accident book would then need to be filled in.  This is a document which is completed to show the correct procedures were met when attending to the accident and this may be used in court should the injured party attempt to sue the company.  Below are the details usually taken on the accident form:


 Injured person(s) details, name, address, contact number, date of birth and signature.

 Type of injury and where and when it happened.

 First Aid given

 First aider’s details, name, address, contact number, date of birth and signature.


As a manger there are many things the law imposes on you and your team, two examples are:


Risk assessments –...