Megan Davis Convention Center

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The Megan Davis Convention Center


MDCC currently has five standard meeting rooms, a conference center, a boardroom, and an auditorium. Mavis Billingsley, the convention center’s event coordinator, is responsible for scheduling the meeting rooms and helping the center’s clients plan special events.


MDCC is located on the outskirts of a metro area and is a popular venue for meetings, special events, and education seminars. MDCC has an outstanding reputation, desirable location, and 5-star facilities. Upon contacting Ms. Billingsley, clients may book one or all of the rooms. Clients may also request particular seating arrangements as well as a desirable standard, advance, or special rate quote. Ms. Billingsley requests a spreadsheet application that will analyze details about her client’s reservations.


In order to fulfill Ms. Billingsley’s request, I have prepared a workbook that entails specific database information pertaining MDCC clients. It is important to note that the spreadsheet analysis will directly assist Ms. Billingsley in aiding potential clients requests.

1. Per initial reservation, the MDCC spreadsheet analysis has assigned each rate code (advance, standard, and special) a physical booking count. The standard rate is charged 33 times; more frequently than both the special rate and advance rate.

2. Clients may request specific seating arrangements at MDCC—Circular, classroom, lecture, and U-shaped. The lecture style seating arrangement is the most popular with 29 requests.

3. MDCC boasts 8 daily meeting rooms. The sum of total charges for all rooms is $411,130. The boardroom has proven to be the most popular booking with a total charge of $60,420 and 14.7% of the total room charges. However, the overall daily room charge is $2,133.

4. In order to filter clients’ status, the spreadsheet has provided the top five customer numbers correlated with their total charge sum. Customer number 0025 is the...