Employment in the Aviation Industry 2

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The dynamics associated with an aviation career and the future

availability of employment in the aviation industry.

Management 203, Managers Perspective Paper

June 13, 2012

To understand the dynamics associated with an aviation career and the future availability of employment in the aviation industry, one only needs to make a few internet searches. In a manner of minutes, anyone seriously interested can gather enough information to warrant a well placed decision in this industries future prospect.

The aviation industry supplies a colorful pallet of different jobs, narrowing it down may prove to be half the battle. Everything from Pilots and Managers to Air Traffic Controllers positions can be found at each and every airport scattered throughout the world. The demand to fill these positions grows as air travel becomes by and by the cheapest and safest way to travel.

The Washington Times (Aug. 20, 2007, Airlines Brace for Shortage of Pilots) forecasts a staggering 65,000 new pilots being offered positions by the end of 2012. (1) This would nearly double the 2007 totals. (1) The average income for a pilot varies depending on location and type of plane / cargo being flown. An open average across the USA is $104,864.00 yearly for a Pilot or Co-Pilot. (2) This rough average translates into over $6.8 billion dollars in generated revenue needed to condensate just the projected growth of only one position available in the aviation industry. This helps to validate the self fed income the aviation industry can offer.

Pilots hold one of the most visible and well known positions available in the Aviation world. This may sound like a prime time opportunity but the education needed to back this position is no small mountain to climb and is constantly acquiring more requirements each year. Most airline employers require education in flight theory, pilot psychology, aircraft design, and air transportation operations just to name a few. (3) Potential pilots and...