Myth in Ramon Empire

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Myth in the Ancient World- The Roman Epic

In the myth in the Ancient world, Virgil civilized myth for its new Roman context. This was achieved through the presentation of the qualities of Aeneas as a hero of the Romans. Aeneas was hard working and courageous as shown in his journey from Troy to Italy. Aeneas is also presented as a leader because he led people from Troy to Italy to look for anew home (Virgil, P. 1981.pp 25). In addition, Aeneas is loving and caring and this is seen when he rescues his people from war. He also has the quality of a fierce fighter and this is seen in his participation in different wars where he achieves victory as a leader. The other quality of Aeneas as a hero is that he was perspiring. This was seen when he persevered the tossing and whirling of his ships by Juno. Aeneas is also an encouraging hero because he encourages his followers to get heartened in order to achieve victory.

When Aeneas gets to Carthage which is ruled by Dido, Aeneas falls in love with her (Monti, R. 1981.pp 37). Dido had made this city after escaping her brother who had killed her husband in order to get his wealth. Although Dido had promised never to love any other man, the goddess of love, Venus had directed the god of love, Cupid to empower Dido with exceeding love for Aeneas in order to ensure that Aeneas was safe in Carthage. While in love, Dido and Aeneas spend most of their time together and they appear to be frozen in time without knowing the past or present and people tell shocking stories about them. The messenger god, Mercury is sent in the land to remind Aeneas about his destiny. This god tells Aeneas that he does not need to linger when an important mission awaits him. This message makes Aeneas prepare to leave and although Dido requests him to stay, he turns deaf and runs away (Monti, R. 1981.pp 39). Dido curses him due to anger and the gods bring everlasting hatred between the country where Aeneas is heading to and Carthage. However, Dido falls...