Royale Suites S.W.O.T. Analysis

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S.W.O.T. Analysis


* Location within blocks of the Inner Harbor and the financial district

* Yield management pricing system

* Franchise marketing

* No “all-suite” competitors in the area

The hotel is located in a prime location due to its proximity to both the Inner Harbor and the financial district. The location suites both the business executives coming into town during the week and the leisure travelers who are visiting over the weekend.

The yield management pricing system enables the hotel to operate much like the airlines to maximize occupancy rates with variable pricing.

The Royale Suites Baltimore has strength in its national brand recognition as a quality all-suites hotel. In addition, as a franchise the Royale Suites Baltimore will also benefit from much larger national marketing campaigns.

At the time of the hotel launch, Royale Suites was the first all-suites hotel in the Baltimore metropolitan area. The Royale Suites brand identity of offering hotel suites that include small meeting rooms recognizing the increasing demand by business people to conduct small meetings in their hotel rooms and families’ desires for larger and more private hotel rooms.


* Few hotel amenities

* Little promotion locally and nationally

* Rooms do not include kitchens

* Few rooms with an Inner Harbor view

The Royal Suites lacks amenities such as a full kitchen in the suite and continental breakfasts and happy hours are optional. The addition of the Royale Suites to Baltimore’s Inner Harbor received little publicity in local and national media. As a result, the Royal Suites Baltimore has not been able to benefit from this free media coverage. The hotel’s location is close to both the Inner Harbor and the financial district however only a few rooms have a view of the Inner Harbor.


* Outreaching to Baltimore’s medical and education institutions to...