Xp Mode in the Windows 7® Operating System

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Based on the article by Jason Brooks (2009), what capability will XP Mode in the Windows 7® operating system add to PCs? What computer system hardware resource(s) may need to be enhanced to use this capability?

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I run XP Mode on my Windows 7 desktop computer to run older software and to test applications. According to the article writing by Jason Brooks (2009) a user may have to upgrade their RAM. A user may also need to upgrade their hard drive to allow the virtual operating system access to extra virtual memory. These two improvements should prevent the guest OS from starving the host OS of resources. A user should also apply all patches that the guest OS may require. The writer wrote about the XP Mode adding the virtualization of other operating systems to Windows 7 (Brooks, 2009). This is not a new concept because Windows virtualization is available in the Linux operating system. What do you think?

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According to the article, the author was struck by the idea of the marketing benefits for non-Windows OSs (Brooks, 2009). Memory will definitely need to be scrutinized before attempting the installation and operation of the VMs. The user needs to ensure there is enough RAM to dedicate to the Windows guest OS to prevent starving the host OS (Brooks, 2009). Also, the user will need to apply all of the same patches for the VM and adhere to all security protocols as he or she would for the normally installed OS (Brooks, 2009). Performance might be an issue and applications that require direct access to hardware resources may not be able to function (Brooks, 2009). Performance could probably be adjusted through the use of better connections inside of the device and more RAM. I think this is a great idea and I would like to try an implement this on a friend's computer who is using a Mac workstation (OS X) but must move all of his pictures over to another computer to use Photoshop (?) and then back to the Mac workstation to...