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JC&R Technology Pty Ltd

Sourcing Recommendation Position Paper

Sourcing Recommendation of j-Touch data projectors

Decision Required:

Supplier Decision and Contract Approval:

* Rave Technologies (New Zealand) and Tiger Technologies (South Korea)

* Region & International sourcing Strategies

* Multiple Suppliers Strategies

* Contract Value: $110 million over 2 years

* 1st year :$252,500

* 2ed year:$595,500

* Contract from 1st June 2011-31st July 2013

* Negotiation and Risk reduction Plan in reserves

Submitted – 14/10/2010

Lead Team Meeting – 18th October 2010

Procurement Manager – Supakit Ngarmpakbhund 3785361

Executive Summary

As the cross functional team, we have researched every data and information for outsourcing a data projector of j-Touch by using the sourcing process and recommendation papers from suppliers around the world...