Sr-Rm-022, Part 2

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Service Request SR-rm-022, part 2

Zack Wesley

BSA - 375

Service Request SR-rm-022, part 2

Inventory management currently being handled at Riordan manufacturing uses a dated process. The room for human error is high due to the current inventory processes which involve printing inventory checks which are then handed to an inventory clerk who organizes the data entries. The process is overly long and unnecessary if the new setup is integrated it will increase efficiency dramatically. I believe the best way to update this process is implementing a new system to scan barcodes and well as a new vendor managed inventory. The benefits to this update will be significant. The increase in inventory management efficiency will increase leading to less human error, the movement speed of inventory, reduction of being overstocked or not stocked enough and fully automated inventory tracking that will follow the raw materials from receipt to shipment of products. This update will also help supply chain command by increasing its efficency and lowering the process time to completion. This will help to meet Riordans goals of increasing total revenue while shortening labor costs leading to better stability overall. The human error will minimize so lost income will also be minimized. The speed of data entry will increase also which allows the employees to focus on other things more important and shortening the processing time. The outline I have detailed will introduce barcode scanning, and automated inventory management as well as a VMI system that will all combine to provide a significant increase to output, efficiency and overall effectiveness. Implementing these processes from the ground up at all of Riordans different locations will have to be required to get the most from this new upgrade. In the new part of my outline I will highlight the steps involved to implementing this new process and what will be required.

Starting with the first step to this new implementation...