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Being identified every single day of your life by a blood test and not an I.D. or being discriminated against by other people that look exactly like you only because your genes arent perfect is not a society in which I would like to live in. I would have to admit that living in a world like the one presented in the movie GATTACA would be something very interesting and different. Although it has its advantages to be living in a society like that it also has its disadvantages. Living in a world like that is even worse than the one we are in today. Today people still discriminate by the race and color of your skin but you can still find another place in which they accept you and you can still live a normal life like any other person in the world. In GATTACA if your genes are not perfect you will be excluded from everything. You will be referred to as an "In-Valid", meaning you werent perfect or genetically engineered. You were a "God Child" and not a "Science Child". I dont think that selecting the traits of an offspring is normal, therefore i wouldnt refer to a person that has been genetically engineered Normal. I wouldnt enjoy living in a world like that. Seeing people being discriminated agaisnt is sad, I wouldnt be able to put up with that. Even if i was perfect I wouldnt want to live in a world like that because other people are living a miserable life and not being able to live their own dreams only because they are what we call normal but they call an In-Valid. While im living my dream working at a place I've always wanted to, they are NOT living their dream and being forced to work a job such as a janitor. I personally wouldnt want to select the traits of my child if i was able to. I would let it be. If someone were to ask me if i think such a society could come about in the future, my answer would be yes. Why? Well because our society has not stopped trying to be perfect. We try and do anything to be perfect. We will never be content with ourselves and out...