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Appendix B

Research Methods

• List the advantages and disadvantages of the following research methods:

|Research Method |Advantages |Disadvantages |

|Case Study |The ability to observe on a single persons |You would not necessarily be able to use |

| |behavior (ideal for trying to find the |information gathered from one case study to|

| |motive or reasoning behind something. |the next as individual scenarios are |

| |The amount of detail that you can gather |typically not identical. |

| |since you are focusing on a single |It is hard to determine the root cause of |

| |person/subject | |

| |Research of rare or new occurrences | |

|Correlational Method |Using this method it is fairly simple to |Although you may be able to measure data in|

| |see correlations (for better lack of term) |this method it is near impossible to |

| |between two or more sets of data by using |determine cause and effect. |

| |simple mathematics. | |

|Experimental Method |By being able to control and manipulate |Behavior itself is altered when in a lab |

| |variables one can work to determine true...