Diversity Analysis

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Diversity Analysis

Wells Fargo

Group 2

Kaitlin Anderson

Melanie Casoria

Marla Hyatt

Tracy Natysin

Alyssa Rydberg

Jawad Salam

Metropolitan State University

MGMT 360

Prof. Kent Lacy


Introduction to Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo embraces diversity in all aspects of their business operations. From the top down, they provide an inclusive environment which invites, nurtures, learns and incorporates the

contributions of its employees, managers, customers, community and shareholders alike. Wells Fargo provides a great deal of public information through their website regarding their commitment to embracing diversity. They proudly publish their Vision Statement, which clearly states diversity as one of the major reasons for their overall success in the business world, and an integral part of their foundation.

This company commits multiple resources to community needs, whether through educational opportunities, partnerships or charitable contributions. Contributions are made to a

widely diverse makeup of organizations, schools and companies.

The commitment of Wells Fargo in recruiting, hiring, supporting and promoting their employees has earned the company many awards. This company has specific measures to determine their success in meeting their commitments.

As with any large corporation, Wells Fargo has been involved in litigation proceedings that have brought their actions into review by outside review. In 2003, the most recent case involved a possible question of age discrimination. The EEOC decision led Wells Fargo to implement changes to their departmental policies. Wells Fargo insists on respect for all the people within their world community and embracing diversity...