Coffee Shop Business Plan

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Everybody likes coffee. Almost everyone loves to sit in a coffee shop to talk and discuss things over a steaming mug of coffee. Because coffee can stir up the senses and alter your mind but in a good way and also it can benefit your health according to the Archive of International Medicine.

Dr. Pearl is a start up Coffee shop and Pastries. In this area we can get a large pool of potential customers because it is a walking distance from BCAT School and it is also along the highway so it is easy to find by the people.

Dr. Pearl Coffee Shop will position itself as a unique Coffee Shop because we did not only offer the best tasting coffee like Custom blended Beverages and Pastries like Turtle Pie, Nebula Coffee Jelly, etc. but also we provides Home-like, Cozy and Comfortable Environment. And will going to make our products unique that cannot be compared to create a hype, something that will draw attention and make our customers come back.



Dr. Pearl Coffee Shop will catch the interest of the customers because this Coffee Shop is a place to dream of as you try to escape the daily stresses of life and just a comfortable place to meet your friends. And also Dr. Pearl Coffee Shop will offer its customers the best prepared espresso drink, freshly brewed coffee or other beverages that will be complimented with pastries. We also offer Free Internet Connection because it is a WIFI zone.


This business will become popular or well-known in this place and also in other near municipalities because of its uniqueness and good services. And this business also can help the government to create jobs.










1. MANAGER – Manage cost and operations of both Labor and goods. And oversees and directs the activities of a coffee shop.

2. SUPERVISOR – Responsible to recruit, train, assign duties and...