Ethical Lenses

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Learning Team Exercises

Week 5

Vivialisse Morales, Jazmin Friedman, Lisa Johnson, George Wharton


December 21, 2011

Dr. Lorthridge

Learning Team Exercises

I. Ethical Perspectives

1) How are team members’ ethical lenses similar?

As a team, we discussed each of our lens and what we all understood from them, and based on the results, a few of our members have similarities. For instance, Vivialisse has the entire lens. George has the right-responsibility lens, and Lisa and Jazmin share the same lens which is Reputation lens. There are some similarities with Vivialisse and everyone else in the team, such as rights-responsibility with George and listens to others like Lisa and Jazmin’s(reputation lens).

2) How are they different?

There are some differences with George’s lens which it was Right-Responsibility lens and Lisa’s and Jazmin’s who both have reputation as their preferred lens. The Right-Responsibility lens focuses more on what duties are to be followed, and the Reputation lens focuses more on virtues and doing the noble and caring thing.

3) What can you learn from your blind spot, as identified by the inventory?

We decided as a team to list our own individual answers for this question since they varied so much.

Jazmin: I learned from my ethical lens exercise that unrealistic role expectations hinder my decisions. Relying on virtues associated with particular roles and forgetting that individuals are fallible regardless of their situation is one of the concerns. I feel that this blind spot will not affect me in being a successful leader in many projects because now I know what I can do to try to avoid unrealistic expectations.

George: I have learned that I need to more accountable to those who depend on me. In addition, I need to stop being complacent and leaving problems unsolved in the long-term once my needs are satisfied.

Lisa: I learned from my lens that I tend to rely more on my heart than my head. I believe...