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Selecting the Right Communication Channel

Ben Davis


Linda Ballard


Selecting the right communication channel in business situations is key to be able to convey the right information to employees, management, or other business partners. The scenarios discussed are a variety of situations that may come up in a workplace.

Selecting the Right Communications Channel

Scenario I

In Scenario I, upper management has given the marketing team a week to develop a strategy to introduce a new drink to the global market. The short deadline to accomplish this task disallows less immediate forms of communication methods such as e-mail, or another type of collaboration tool. To facilitate the best turnaround, and efficient use of all of the team's time, face-to-face meetings will need to take place. The face-to-face meetings provides quick brainstorming among the members and keeps all members moving in the same direction. Periodic meetings throughout the week will give quick deadlines to each of the members and keep them all on task.

When meeting with the Vice President (VP) of Operations, a face-to-face meeting will need to take place between him and the marketing manager. Prior to the meeting, the manager should submit the brief to the VP of Operations so they can review the data and can ask any questions they may have. This method of communication is best because it allows for quick responses from the marketing manager to answer any questions, or concerns that the VP may have before accepting the proposal.

Scenario II

In Scenario II, the department manager is notified that a central login that all employees use for an application is no longer allows access to the system. The manager should contact the IT Department via telephone to notify them of the...