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Augustana College 10-12 Speech to Print Book Study Reflection Questions Due April 3, 2012

Most of my responses will answer the questions: What did I learn from this chapter and what will I take back from it to use in my classroom. My responses may also include specific questions as well as “a-ha” things that stood out to me, in which I did not know.

1. Chapter 1 was an eye opener to many things that I did not know as a reading intervention teacher and an ELL teacher. It seems like these are basic things that teachers should all know when teaching students to read. I know the terms such as phonemes and syllables but to really understand our language, and read on, I had to really study each new vocab words such as grapheme, orthology, and morphemes. Realistically, I feel Chapter 1 should be a review for me because I should know all these terms. I feel my knowledge of our language is very basic. Even as I was taking a linguistics course to teach about language when I was getting my ELL license, it didn’t teach me the importance of why we should and need to understand our language. I understand that I cannot teach well what I don’t know well.

2. Chapter2 was a great chapter that had some eye opening facts. It’s incredible to unfold how everything is linked together. I wish I had known all this from the beginning of my teaching career and now I wonder why I didn’t? Also, I wonder why we are not taught this when getting our ELL certifications. We had a linguistic class but not a class that teaches students how to read using what we know about linguistics. Reading chapter 2 made me realize that what I learned in college was not everything I need to learn to teach kids using best practices and what is the best way to do it. As teacher, I find ways to learn from books, and authors, and colleagues about how to be a better reading teacher. It just amazes me how there is again, so much I do not know about the English language. Had I known more, I...