Willie and I

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Me And Willie’s Mistake

Willie Knew. And so did Tyra. They both knew. As she walked from the deans office she knew why Louise has not returned to Auburn school. Seeing Willie only made her feel worse and think of may 16th and what they did.

Cold and lifeless Willie took her body to her room you could see the poisen that layed in her mouth and the startled look on her face before she took her last breath and the realization of who took it. Melissa was the bitch we hated she felt as if she was better than everybody which was so not true and on top of that she’s mad a ass out of me and Willie for the last time. We took that bitches life by poisoning her food with liquid drainer. And at the time had no regrets about it.

“Tyra B.”

The teacher responded with a

“Yes,,shes here.”

“We need her in the principles office.”

She didn’t think of it as anything especially because school had just started. But as she started getting closer to the office her palms began sweating more and more.

“Here she is sir.”

“Sit Ms.Jones.”

As the principle began to talk the faster and faster her heart went,

“Do u know why you our here Tyra?”

“No not at all.”

He explained to her that she was in very big trouble due to A issue that happened last year.

“What.” she exclaimed

“Shut your mouth Ms.Jones.”

“You our suspeneded for 10 days out of school suspension and frankly im not sure you are going to be able to return after that. “

She didn’t quite understand because not once did the principle explain what she had done. But then principle Mertz called his secretary.

“Bring them in.”

“Alright sir.”

The door opens first the Rhode Island Police followed by her parents. She knew it was something very bad because her mother and father looked as if they had been in tears and were very dissapoined.

“Sweetie.” Her mother said.